Accreditation IFS - Kapa Reynolds

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Creating everyday consumer goods for more than 30 years, Kapa Reynolds analyses, guarantees and preserves the quality, safety and integrity of its products throughout their life cycle.
Pioneering its certification, the IFS Broker guidelines accredit our capacity to guarantee over time the security, conformity and dependability of all the products we sell.

Kap4Home – Make your Home a Healthy, Clean and Safe place in one easy step

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KAPA REYNOLDS has been creating and distributing homecare products specialising in private label wince 1990 , our teams have worked more than 20 years developing the cleaning products of daily life – more specifically in cleaning wipes.
Since then, we have delivered over 140 millions packs of cleaning wipes across Europe.
The key to our success ? Our mission - answering your needs and requirements.

United for personal care

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For the past 30 years, KAPA has developed everyday products. Whether for yourself or your home, our products participate to improve well being and living comfort.

A brighter future for white goods?

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For the past 30 years, KAPA has designed and delivered everyday products that are efficient, safe and offering great results. As we develop more application that are more respectful of our environment and ressources to answer consumer concerns and desire – these products’ companions – white goods – are also changing.

30 years

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We are proud today to celebrate 30 years of this wonderful adventure and proud of our successes so far.


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Team safety and service continuity

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