Why try to make gold ?: The story of les Alchimistes

Why try to make gold ?: The story of les Alchimistes

Why try to make gold ?: The story of les Alchimistes

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We are always  routing for companies and specially the people behind them that with their energy and ideas improve the every day lives of each of us – making it more efficient ( in terms of ressources) and more economical.

Did you know ?

On average each bin bag contains approximately 30% of pure organic material. But this bin bag is nonetheless being sent to a landfill or incinerated.  In other words, we are burning away valuable organic material.


And that’s when this clever and local solution kicks in.

Les Alchimistes are short cycle Parisian compost producers



Their Solution :

An accelerated composting process and a short distance collection service for organic waste. Tapping into the resources they find throughout Paris : bars, restaurants, hotels, cantines. Each collection point signs up for a regular pick against a small fee.

In other words, a little effort ( and cycling) goes a long way to:

             1 - Reduce to the amount of waste that is incinerated

                  A - Less collections

                  B - Less energy into the incineration process

             2 - Use the full potential of natural resources

             3 - Creating jobs


And the result:

A truly Parisian compost that can be used to grow plants in urban areas – the loop is looped.

At KAPA we would like to congratulate this young and energetic team.


Why stop there ?

Les Alchimistes have already started looking at another source of organic waste – baby nappies – and we are looking at this project with interest – some distance – but a lot of interest.  At KAPA we support this approach and this particular waste cycle – we offer and sell and full range of 100% natural and biodegradable baby wipes. That way you would put your nappies and your wipes in this cycle together !

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