Kap4Home – Make your Home a Healthy, Clean and Safe place in one easy step

Kap4Home – Make your Home a Healthy, Clean and Safe place in one easy step


KAPA REYNOLDS has been creating and distributing homecare products  specialising in private label wince 1990 , our teams have worked more than 20 years developing the cleaning products of daily life – more specifically in cleaning wipes.  

Since then, we have delivered over 140 millions packs of cleaning wipes across Europe.

The key to our success ?  Our mission - answering your needs and requirements.

What does this mean to you? We offer you the right product, for the use you need of it, at a fair price.

In 2014,  in our quest to answer the needs of households  - we offered antibacterial cleaning wipes with a task in mind – protecting your household. We have made our product available through historical physical outlets  since then.


Since then , the world has evolved, and our mission remains to make these products available to the greatest number.


That is why, we decide to launch our own brand of disinfecting and antibacterial cleaning wipes. Kap4Home came to be , as the réalisation of our mission to make your home a healthy, clean and safe place.

Our formula eliminates 99.9% of bacteria.

With a single use, they allow you to clean all types of surfaces ( Toilet, Tables, Sinks etc…) in a short lapse of time.

Available in stores or on order via www.kapa-market.com, our KAP4Home wipes come in a 40 wipe pack labelled in French and English.

If you want top find out more on this product, and our approach – please visit our website:




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